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An ice maker on the refrigerator is easy to take for granted until it stops working for mysterious reasons. You can also end up with a real mess on your hands if the ice maker keeps making ice non-stop. Below are a few of the problems that can point to the need for a service technician stopping by to provide a fix.

No Ice Available

Not much is more frustrating than needing an iced drink on a hot day and finding the ice maker tray completely empty. It is one thing if everyone has grabbed ice and left none, but what if your ice maker simply is not producing? There are many problems that can make an ice maker quit working. It might be a faulty ice maker thermostat, or a kink in the water line. You will need a service technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

Too Much Ice

Opening the freezer door and finding that the ice maker has been working overtime is a problem. The ice will spill all over the freezer compartment and make a mess. Check to see if the little metal arm has become lodged in a position that keeps the ice maker from shutting off. If it is in normal position for turning off the ice maker, but the appliance is still working overtime, chances are it is a faulty solenoid. It can be changed within a few minutes and work properly again.

Ice Mold Not Filling

If you see that the ice mold is empty and the ice maker makes no attempts to fill it with water, there is a problem with the solenoid, thermostat or water line coming into the appliance. There might even be a combination of problems.

Water Leaks

You might be able to fix a small water leak if the hose has come loose. Serious water leaks might require a complete hose replacement. A qualified service repair technician can track down the source of the leak quickly and fix it right.

Ice Tastes Funny

Bad tasting ice might mean that the water filter needs changed. If the refrigerator does not have a water filter, it might be time to change out the hose and clean the ice maker completely.

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