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A lack of jobs on the horizon means no paycheck for a contractor. It is important to develop solid sales skills in order to stay afloat and eventually thrive. Below are a few ways top boost these skills and get a better flow of continuous work.

Understand the value Your Company Offers

It is easy to undersell your services if you do not fully realize the value offered. What are the qualities you consider trademarks of your company? Are you better with customer service than much of the competition? Is your pricing fair and reasonable? Do you have a lot of satisfied customers? Any and all of these are what create the level of value you offer to a potential client.

Follow Up On All Referrals

You never know where a lead will take you. Be consistent in following up on all referrals that you are given. Often, you will have to ask a satisfied customer for them, but they are usually willing to give them. Not every one will result in more work, but you do not want to miss out on a job due to putting off checking out the referral.

Create Positive Marketing Materials

Create a list of the company values you discovered in the first portion of this blog. You need to find ways to incorporate your positive values into marketing materials to hand out to potential customers. This can be in the form of radio/television ads, flyers or brochures. Create a positive website presence.

Avoid Trying to Slash Prices to Undercut the Competition

The slash and burn technique rarely works in the field of contracting. You may undercut your competition, but you also run the risk of taking on a job at a loss. You can also find that your competition quickly becomes your enemy. Keep your prices at a fair market value for the area you work.

Hire a Professional Marketing Agency

If all else fails, hire a professional marketing company to help boost your image and sales. They will be familiar with all of the market demographics and can match advertising campaigns to suit the services offered. It is worth investing a few dollars into professional marketing programs that prove effective.

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