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Money and space are two of the biggest wasted resources in business. But this article shows you, in 5 simple steps, how you can save both cash and space in your array of business offices.

Refurnish with Refurbished Furnishings

Secondhand furnishings are the same, if not better quality, than originals. Plus, they are inexpensive, so you save big time on cash in your business budget. You can snag a computer chair with a plush, fluffed cushion for less than you would pay anywhere else. Or, you could grab a few refurbished laptops for your whole office for thousands less than what you would invest in first-hand electronics. You have to search for the deals, and it might take time, but be patient and you will find them.

Floor to Ceiling Shelves

Floor to ceiling shelves offer lots of organization and storage space for more than books. Sure, you could put your entire collection of literary and business greats on those shelves. But you could also pad them down with folders, framed photographs, office trinkets, and a basket of your favorite snacks [for at-work munchies]. Wide shelves could even accommodate your refurbished Toughbook.

Back Up Your Files with USB Memories

USB drives are quickly becoming devices of the past—due to the rise in the Cloud and other online storage spaces. However, you never know what might happen to the interwebs. Between cyber-attacks and rogue hackers, your information is never safe. Therefore, you should back up your documents and files three times—once on your computer, once on the internet, and once with a USB.

Trust Word of Mouth Marketing

Marketing techniques can get pricey. You can save more money by relying on word-of-mouth advertisements from your dedicated customers. Their positive reviews and opinions could go a long way towards garnering new business for your company.

Use Chalk Instead of Paper or Bulletin Boards

Chalk is erasable and you can invest in chalk markers that make your content easier to see on a classic chalk or whiteboard. Bulletin boards can get overcrowded with announcements. And you spend so much on post-its and paper—it just becomes one big money-sinking hassle. Chalkboards are more reliable and can be written on over and over again.

Business is a money sinker in and of itself, but there are ways you can save some cash and make good on your brand budget. If you ever find yourself struggling with business finances, take some advice from this article to save your bankroll.