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MARCH 2017

The kitchen is one of the more popular destinations in any home. people gather to reflect on their day, as well as prepare and eat meals. Smaller kitchens can feel very cramped and challenged for space. Below are a few ways you can address this problem and create a more open and airy kitchen environment.

Add Extra Storage Space

No matter how much counter space you have, having it cluttered up with items will make the kitchen seem smaller and more cramped. Find areas to add extra storage space to keep the counters available for use when cooking or doing kitchen prep work. Being able to see a clear counter will give the room a more open feel.

Remove Unneeded Walls

Having a kitchen and dining area that is separated by a thin wall breaks up the space. Removing this call will allow you to expand the kitchen area as much as needed, yet also provide a dining area. The open-concept will be felt right away. Remodeling contractors San Diego can make sure the wall is not load-bearing and create an atmosphere that is bright, airy and feels spacious.

Rearrange Kitchen Set-Up

Sometimes reducing the feel of clutter in the kitchen can be solved by rearranging the set-up of appliances, mobile shelving units and adding built-in stoves. A kitchen that has enough room for an island can house a cooking range, clearing up valuable floor space and making the area seem more open.

Change Placement and Style of Cabinets

Older kitchen cabinet systems can seem bulky and take up more space than is necessary. Replacing cabinets with smaller, more compact units will still offer storage space, but allow for more open space in the room. Removing cabinets that are placed over a breakfast bar area can open up the room and make it seem bigger than ever before. Remodeling experts can help you discover ways to retain the storage capacity you have, without feeling like you have bulky cabinets everywhere you turn.

Use Recessed or Track Lighting

The right lighting can make any room look bigger and more inviting. The use of overhead recessed lighting or track lighting can direct light right where it needs to be. The light is softer, more subtle, but offers complete illumination to the room. More subdued lighting options leave shadowy area that make a room appear smaller than normal.

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