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Money and space are two of the biggest wasted resources in business. But this article shows you, in 5 simple steps, how you can save both cash and space in your array of business offices.

Refurnish with Refurbished Furnishings

Secondhand furnishings are the same, if not better quality, than originals. Plus, they are inexpensive, so you save big time on cash in your business budget. You can snag a computer chair with a plush, fluffed cushion for less than you would pay anywhere else. Or, you could grab a few refurbished laptops for your whole office for thousands less than what you would invest in first-hand electronics. You have to search for the deals, and it might take time, but be patient and you will find them.

Floor to Ceiling Shelves

Floor to ceiling shelves offer lots of organization and storage space for more than books. Sure, you could put your entire collection of literary and business greats on those shelves. But you could also pad them down with folders, framed photographs, office trinkets, and a basket of your favorite snacks [for at-work munchies]. Wide shelves could even accommodate your refurbished Toughbook.

Back Up Your Files with USB Memories

USB drives are quickly becoming devices of the past—due to the rise in the Cloud and other online storage spaces. However, you never know what might happen to the interwebs. Between cyber-attacks and rogue hackers, your information is never safe. Therefore, you should back up your documents and files three times—once on your computer, once on the internet, and once with a USB.

Trust Word of Mouth Marketing

Marketing techniques can get pricey. You can save more money by relying on word-of-mouth advertisements from your dedicated customers. Their positive reviews and opinions could go a long way towards garnering new business for your company.

Use Chalk Instead of Paper or Bulletin Boards

Chalk is erasable and you can invest in chalk markers that make your content easier to see on a classic chalk or whiteboard. Bulletin boards can get overcrowded with announcements. And you spend so much on post-its and paper—it just becomes one big money-sinking hassle. Chalkboards are more reliable and can be written on over and over again.

Business is a money sinker in and of itself, but there are ways you can save some cash and make good on your brand budget. If you ever find yourself struggling with business finances, take some advice from this article to save your bankroll.… Read More


A lack of jobs on the horizon means no paycheck for a contractor. It is important to develop solid sales skills in order to stay afloat and eventually thrive. Below are a few ways top boost these skills and get a better flow of continuous work.

Understand the value Your Company Offers

It is easy to undersell your services if you do not fully realize the value offered. What are the qualities you consider trademarks of your company? Are you better with customer service than much of the competition? Is your pricing fair and reasonable? Do you have a lot of satisfied customers? Any and all of these are what create the level of value you offer to a potential client.

Follow Up On All Referrals

You never know where a lead will take you. Be consistent in following up on all referrals that you are given. Often, you will have to ask a satisfied customer for them, but they are usually willing to give them. Not every one will result in more work, but you do not want to miss out on a job due to putting off checking out the referral.

Create Positive Marketing Materials

Create a list of the company values you discovered in the first portion of this blog. You need to find ways to incorporate your positive values into marketing materials to hand out to potential customers. This can be in the form of radio/television ads, flyers or brochures. Create a positive website presence.

Avoid Trying to Slash Prices to Undercut the Competition

The slash and burn technique rarely works in the field of contracting. You may undercut your competition, but you also run the risk of taking on a job at a loss. You can also find that your competition quickly becomes your enemy. Keep your prices at a fair market value for the area you work.

Hire a Professional Marketing Agency

If all else fails, hire a professional marketing company to help boost your image and sales. They will be familiar with all of the market demographics and can match advertising campaigns to suit the services offered. It is worth investing a few dollars into professional marketing programs that prove effective.

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An ice maker on the refrigerator is easy to take for granted until it stops working for mysterious reasons. You can also end up with a real mess on your hands if the ice maker keeps making ice non-stop. Below are a few of the problems that can point to the need for a service technician stopping by to provide a fix.

No Ice Available

Not much is more frustrating than needing an iced drink on a hot day and finding the ice maker tray completely empty. It is one thing if everyone has grabbed ice and left none, but what if your ice maker simply is not producing? There are many problems that can make an ice maker quit working. It might be a faulty ice maker thermostat, or a kink in the water line. You will need a service technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

Too Much Ice

Opening the freezer door and finding that the ice maker has been working overtime is a problem. The ice will spill all over the freezer compartment and make a mess. Check to see if the little metal arm has become lodged in a position that keeps the ice maker from shutting off. If it is in normal position for turning off the ice maker, but the appliance is still working overtime, chances are it is a faulty solenoid. It can be changed within a few minutes and work properly again.

Ice Mold Not Filling

If you see that the ice mold is empty and the ice maker makes no attempts to fill it with water, there is a problem with the solenoid, thermostat or water line coming into the appliance. There might even be a combination of problems.

Water Leaks

You might be able to fix a small water leak if the hose has come loose. Serious water leaks might require a complete hose replacement. A qualified service repair technician can track down the source of the leak quickly and fix it right.

Ice Tastes Funny

Bad tasting ice might mean that the water filter needs changed. If the refrigerator does not have a water filter, it might be time to change out the hose and clean the ice maker completely.

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One of the best ways to expedite and optimize the process of selling your commercial real estate property is by optimizing its aesthetic appeal. In recognizing this reality, you may have considered the value of finding a great commerical landscaping Georgia company to enhance the property. If so, it’s important to know which traits to look for in the company. Below are some of the attributes that the best landscaping organizations will have:

1. Industry Experience.

One attribute you should look for in a landscape management company is industry experience. The longer the company has been in operation, the more likely they are to offer you the excellent, expedient services that will get your commercial property in amazing condition. One company you may want to consider is Landscape Management Services. The staff here have been assisting with the landscape optimization process for over 20 years.

2. An Excellent Reputation.

In addition to seeking out a landscape management company that has extensive industry experience, be sure to look for a business that has an excellent reputation. Doing so will help ensure that you’re dealing with reputable people who are known for providing clients with effective services in an ethical manner. There are many ways that you can make determinations about a company’s reputation. One is by reading online reviews that former customers have left about their services. Also visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website at www.bbb.org to determine whether the landscape management company has attained a rating. A rating of A or higher indicates that the company consistently operates in excellence.

3. Stellar Customer Service.

One final attribute that you should look for in a landscape management company is stellar customer service. While finding a team of professionals who can get the job done quickly and correctly is immensely important, you also want to ensure that you’re being treated with respect and courtesy throughout the landscape optimization process. One great way to determine whether the company in question offers great customer service is by scheduling a complimentary consultation. Also read through any customer testimonials left by former clients to determine whether the company’s professionals are known for treating people in a friendly, thoughtful manner!

Don’t Delay: Find The Right Landscape Management Company Today!

Once you decide that you want to optimize the physical appeal of your commercial property, it’s time to find the ideal landscape management company. Use the information and advice outlined above to ensure that you can!… Read More


The kitchen is one of the more popular destinations in any home. people gather to reflect on their day, as well as prepare and eat meals. Smaller kitchens can feel very cramped and challenged for space. Below are a few ways you can address this problem and create a more open and airy kitchen environment.

Add Extra Storage Space

No matter how much counter space you have, having it cluttered up with items will make the kitchen seem smaller and more cramped. Find areas to add extra storage space to keep the counters available for use when cooking or doing kitchen prep work. Being able to see a clear counter will give the room a more open feel.

Remove Unneeded Walls

Having a kitchen and dining area that is separated by a thin wall breaks up the space. Removing this call will allow you to expand the kitchen area as much as needed, yet also provide a dining area. The open-concept will be felt right away. Remodeling contractors San Diego can make sure the wall is not load-bearing and create an atmosphere that is bright, airy and feels spacious.

Rearrange Kitchen Set-Up

Sometimes reducing the feel of clutter in the kitchen can be solved by rearranging the set-up of appliances, mobile shelving units and adding built-in stoves. A kitchen that has enough room for an island can house a cooking range, clearing up valuable floor space and making the area seem more open.

Change Placement and Style of Cabinets

Older kitchen cabinet systems can seem bulky and take up more space than is necessary. Replacing cabinets with smaller, more compact units will still offer storage space, but allow for more open space in the room. Removing cabinets that are placed over a breakfast bar area can open up the room and make it seem bigger than ever before. Remodeling experts can help you discover ways to retain the storage capacity you have, without feeling like you have bulky cabinets everywhere you turn.

Use Recessed or Track Lighting

The right lighting can make any room look bigger and more inviting. The use of overhead recessed lighting or track lighting can direct light right where it needs to be. The light is softer, more subtle, but offers complete illumination to the room. More subdued lighting options leave shadowy area that make a room appear smaller than normal.

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